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  • The Way I Loved You

    by islandwish 06-22-2009
    Lost: AU - When they escape from the island, Kate and Sawyer go their seperate ways. Believing she feels something for him, Kate marries sensible doctor Jack. Kate and Jack's marriage lacks excitement however, and Kate begins to miss the wild passionate times s
    The Way I Loved You
  • For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic

    by islandwish 08-29-2008
    Lost: Despite herself, Kate puts too much faith in Sawyer, so she often lets her guard down around him, even though he repeatedly hurts her and breaks her trust. However, she still cares about him, regardless... :)
    For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic
  • Unsent

    by islandwish 08-31-2007
    Lost: Kate reminisces about the men she's known in her life as she reads through a letter she's writen to herself, even though she knows it will forever stay Unsent.
  • How To Save a Life

    by islandwish 08-13-2006
    Lost: An AU vid, Jack becomes jelous of Sawyer's relationship with Kate, so he shoots him. While Kate sits by Sawyer's bedside, not knowing if he'll live or die, she reminisces about her time with him. Though Jack is sorry, Kate realises if she'd spent less tim
    How To Save a Life
  • Swallowed in the sea...

    by islandwish 07-14-2006
    Lost: This is a video showing how Sawyer belongs with Kate and Charlie belongs with Claire...
    Swallowed in the sea...
1-5 of 5 Videos 1