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foxy9 (Colleen)

Username: foxy9
Alternate Name: Colleen
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  • Richard/Kate AU

    by foxy9 04-09-2009
    Lost: Richard/Kate AU. Description to come when video is posted.
    Richard/Kate AU
  • Time For Me to Fly

    by foxy9 11-15-2008
    Lost: This is a vid about Sawyer and mainly Kate. He knows he doesn't have a chance with Kate in the picture, so his one option is to fly. Fly away from Kate and become a hero like we see him with Claire.
    Time For Me to Fly
  • So Far Away

    by foxy9 10-28-2008
    Lost: Jack and Kate from the beginning...Both character's POVs'... Jack and Kate believed that once they got off the island, everything would fall into place, but the exact opposite happened. The place they once feared, is the only place they call home, it is t
    So Far Away
  • Desmond and Kate AU

    by foxy9 09-18-2008
    Lost: This is my first AU!! I made it to Desmond and Kate. They meet on the island and fall in love, they are separated, but find their way back to each other, only for Desmond to realize that they are not suppose to be together.
    Desmond and Kate AU
  • Ob La Di Ob La Da

    by foxy9 09-11-2008
    Lost: A fun Desmond and Penny Video. Just Pretend Penny's name is Molly.
    Ob La Di Ob La Da
  • In My Arms

    by foxy9 08-14-2008
    Lost: I heard this song and it was like it was written for Aaron and Kate. Kate has always protected Aaron since his birth, and I wanted that portrayed in this video. Kate thinks she can never tell Aaron the truth about who his real mother is so to protect the
    In My Arms
  • Sunshine of Your Love

    by foxy9 08-02-2008
    Lost: This is a Jate video I made to show the good, bad, fun, happy, sad, angsty, and perfect moments of Jate set to a fast pace fun classic rock song. Jack and Kate have waited long enough, as have the fans of them, and this is what I tried to depict in this v
    Sunshine of Your Love
  • Bye, Bye, Bye

    by foxy9 06-25-2008
    Lost: A lighter look at love and death on the island...
    Bye, Bye, Bye
  • Keamy

    by foxy9 06-09-2008
    Lost: A short but sweet video for the evil, but super sexy Martin Keamy.
  • Jack's Mistake

    by foxy9 06-03-2008
    Lost: Jack and Kate video from Jack's POV.
    Jack's Mistake
  • Don't Come Around Here

    by foxy9 01-08-2008
    Lost: This is a video for everyone who goes where they are not wanted on the island, but in the end, it is the island telling everyone not to come around anymore.
    Don't Come Around Here
  • You've Really Got a Hold on Me

    by foxy9 12-07-2007
    Lost: A simple video showing the ups and downs between the Losties.
    You've Really Got a Hold on Me
  • Because You Loved Me

    by foxy9 12-01-2007
    Lost: Kate is who she is today, because Jack loved her.
    Because You Loved Me
  • Thriller

    by foxy9 11-18-2007
    Lost: A season 3 finale recap with focus on the others, and their ways towards the end.
  • Where I stood

    by foxy9 11-05-2007
    Lost: Kate does not know who she is with Jack, or who she is without him. She needs to find herself again, and the only way to do so is to leave Jack.
    Where I stood
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