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fearandloathin (Fal)

Username: fearandloathin
Alternate Name: Fal
Vidder Rank: Intermediate Vidder
Other Fandoms: Doctor Who & Torchwood
Website: www.youtube.com/tarka98
Email: fearandloathin@hotmail.co.ukLVI
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Bio: Hai. My name is Zoe, but call me Fal as everyone does. I love making videos, especially ones on Lost!

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  • Paradise Lost

    by fearandloathin 02-16-2010
    Lost: Parody: Trailer combing film 'Paradise Lost' with 'LOST'. Was going to be in a comp from halloween, but didn't get round to making the mini film.
    Paradise Lost
  • Zombie

    by fearandloathin 06-22-2009
    Lost: General Lost fanvid made before my previously uploaded video so not as good and its about the plot looking at the battles the losses and sorrow etc
  • Oh My God! John Locke is Lost!

    by fearandloathin 06-07-2009
    Lost: Fanvid focusing on John Locke and his arrival on the island, and despite being 'LOST', he much prefers it to home
    Oh My God! John Locke is Lost!
1-3 of 3 Videos 1