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  • Kissing in the Rain

    by ewaakk 10-29-2006
    Lost: My third Skate video, set to the 'Great Expectations' soundtrack. I hope You enjoy it!
    Kissing in the Rain
  • Came Together..

    by ewaakk 10-20-2006
    Lost: a Skate video. A lot of fluff, angst and love... Icon credits goes to Mokilla
    Came Together..
  • Everybody's changing

    by ewaakk 10-09-2006
    Lost: Kate finds out about Sawyer and Ana Lucia. She cannot deal with her loss and forget about him... So as a result she decides to get rid of her rival... Icon credits goes to Mokilla
    Everybody's changing
  • Mission: Lost

    by ewaakk 10-09-2006
    Lost: Surviving on the island is almost like mission impossible. Icon credits goes to Mokillosa.
    Mission: Lost
1-4 of 4 Videos 1