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  • This Woman's Work

    by eveningthought 10-20-2006
    Lost: As Claire's impending labour looms Charlie reflects on fear, regret, what should have been and what could be. Warning: really sad song!
    This Woman's Work
  • Charlie Dust in the Wind

    by eveningthought 09-20-2006
    Lost: An overveiw of all the problems facing Charlie. Is he the way he is because he's made bad choices, or because he's been failed by those he needed? Lots of dialogue.
    Charlie Dust in the Wind
  • Charlie and Claire -The Opera

    by eveningthought 09-04-2006
    Lost: Charlie and Claire have endured many trials and tribulations together on the Island. Much like so many opera couples. Fortunately, in my opera everyone doesn't die in the end! I know many opera fans won't like this version of the song but I thought it was
    Charlie and Claire -The Opera
  • Lovelorn

    by eveningthought 08-08-2006
    Lost: She was only a dream but Charlie can't stop thinking about her and how she makes him want to change his ways
  • Gomenasai -Sorry For Everything

    by eveningthought 07-09-2006
    Lost: Charlie comes to realise why he drove Claire away and regrets making those mistakes.
    Gomenasai -Sorry For Everything
  • Leaving You For Me

    by eveningthought 07-07-2006
    Lost: September 2006 contest submission. Charlie and Claire video about the problems in their relationship
    Leaving You For Me
1-6 of 6 Videos 1