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Username: eve_x
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Bio: Love making art stuff of lost and learning the bidding bit by bit :D

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  • Keep Holding on

    by eve_x 07-28-2007
    Lost: Claire doesnt wanna let Charlie go, despite of Desmonds premonitions.
    Keep Holding on
  • While your lips are red

    by eve_x 07-27-2007
    Lost: Skate AU. Kate is killed by the others and Sawyer memorizes their moments wile burying her.
    While your lips are red
  • Save the Junkie

    by eve_x 05-01-2007
    Lost: charlies addict life and everything is a mess. Save the junkie!
    Save the Junkie
  • Somewhere

    by eve_x 04-30-2007
    Lost: Desmond knows Penny is out there somewhere and he wants to find her no matter what
  • Sawyer in love

    by eve_x 04-30-2007
    Lost: From sawyers pov the skate love recently
    Sawyer in love
  • its not over

    by eve_x 04-24-2007
    Lost: Skate is not over thou they have angsty road and are not professionals in relationships.
    its not over
  • I just wanna know you

    by eve_x 02-26-2007
    Lost: Jacket video, about their hostality becoming closenes and trusting friendship and more..
    I just wanna know you
  • Fall to pieces

    by eve_x 02-06-2007
    Lost: Kate and Sawyer and their way to falling in each0others arms
    Fall to pieces
  • Kate´s Choise

    by eve_x 01-31-2007
    Lost: Kate makes her choise, jack does what ever possible to keep skate apart with the help of others.
    Kate´s Choise
  • May it be

    by eve_x 12-22-2006
    Lost: First days on the island and when all hope seems gone
    May it be
  • Skate vs. Beauty and the Beast

    by eve_x 12-22-2006
    Lost: Skate vs. Disney´s Beauty and the Beast. Take this with humor, I had fun with it
    Skate vs. Beauty and the Beast
  • Peanutbutter Magic

    by eve_x 12-19-2006
    Lost: Charlie and Claire vid. Up´s and down´s, and ofcourse the magical peanutbutter
    Peanutbutter Magic
  • Everyone gets hurt sometimes

    by eve_x 12-03-2006
    Lost: Sawyer and Kate´s flashback stories reflecting who they are today, and why they fit so well together.
    Everyone gets hurt sometimes
  • Final Goodbye for Shoone

    by eve_x 11-12-2006
    Lost: Goodbye dedicated to Shannon Boone, on and off the island
    Final Goodbye for Shoone
  • Jate romance

    by eve_x 11-12-2006
    Lost: Jack and Kate romance during seasons 1 2
    Jate romance
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