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dl15 (dl)

Username: dl15
Alternate Name: dl
Vidder Rank: Intermediate Vidder
Other Fandoms: The 4400, Prison Break, Glee, Scrubs
Email: kp_mx@hotmail.esLVI
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Bio: I've lurked around the site for a while, especially to get clips and watch cool vids by other members. I've only done a few vids before, but I really like it and I'm glad to now be part of LVI :)

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  • I'll Stand By You (Ben and Alex)

    by dl15 11-27-2009
    Lost: November 2009 contest submission.
    I'll Stand By You (Ben and Alex)
  • We Are (AU)

    by dl15 08-03-2009
    Lost: July 2009 contest submission. Jack's plan seems to work but the losties slowly remember their time on the island. Sawyer, Jin and Kate each track down Jack for personal reasons.
    We Are (AU)
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