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  • Why I Love LOST?

    by dduked 03-31-2010
    Lost: Extended fan trailer (up to season 7x06) No effects used on purpose.
    Why I Love LOST?
  • Benjamin Linus

    by dduked 01-04-2009
    Lost: A clip about the dark figure of Benjamin Linus.
    Benjamin Linus
  • The Temple of the King

    by dduked 05-24-2008
    Lost: Life and Death of Mr. Eko. Hope you'll enjoy.After a long period of my inactivity as a vidder, your comments are welcome.
    The Temple of the King
  • Man of Science-Man of Faith

    by dduked 10-25-2007
    Lost: Jack and Locke character study as leaders. Difficult song to make a clip but I did the best I could. Hope you'll enjoy.
    Man of Science-Man of Faith
  • Desmond Hold On

    by dduked 07-02-2007
    Lost: I couldn't resist to upload this vid I made with a greek song. Hope you'll enjoy. I uploaded two versions, one with eng subs and one without. The lyrics fitted so good... Desmond is holding on because his only hope is Penny. My translation is really not t
    Desmond Hold On
  • A short sad story about Locke

    by dduked 06-14-2007
    Lost: This vid was made for a friend of mine and his request for the specific song and character.
    A short sad story about Locke
  • Gothic

    by dduked 05-31-2007
    Lost: Lost Fan Trailer all 3seasons
  • Lost Change

    by dduked 05-09-2007
    Lost: March 2007 contest submission
    Lost Change
  • Lost - Theory in Lyrics

    by dduked 05-07-2007
    Lost: My theory lies in the lyrics. My first attempt as a vidmaker.
    Lost - Theory in Lyrics
  • Lost Connections

    by dduked 05-06-2007
    Lost: See how they are connected. Connections between characters and a guess at the end.
    Lost Connections
  • Whisper 2002 - Evanescence

    by dduked 04-09-2007
    Lost: All season 1-3 (til 6 th ep) Trailer
    Whisper 2002 - Evanescence
1-11 of 11 Videos 1