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Bio: 17 year old college student from Warwickshire.

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  • pb n'j and jate

    by cudlitedi 09-22-2006
    Lost: i just made this vid at college the other day- i realise this song is way over-vidded but i thought a double shipper vid would be cute- i guess the vid points out some similarities between the 2 ships- fairly random but nice n marshmallow phluffy!
    pb n'j and jate
  • just feel better

    by cudlitedi 09-14-2006
    Lost: just a small pbj vid- phluff from both seasons! this is really just me trying to get the hang of vegas so i didnt go overboard with complexity
    just feel better
  • 'i wanna be loved'

    by cudlitedi 09-01-2006
    Lost: minivid focusing on the triangle and includes the new s3 promo
    'i wanna be loved'
  • When doves cry

    by cudlitedi 07-14-2006
    Lost: a cast vid about some of the tearful moments. the songs from the romeo and juliet soundtrack i thought itd be good for a vid.enjoy!
    When doves cry
  • I believe in you

    by cudlitedi 07-09-2006
    Lost: jack n kate and some of the bad stuff they and the whole group have been through and how their lurve endures it all. im not a huge il divo fan but think this song is kinda yummy.
    I believe in you
  • Crazy

    by cudlitedi 04-25-2006
    Lost: my 1st skate vid! Im a jater but I thought it would be cool to try summat different.
  • black horse and the cherry tree

    by cudlitedi 04-20-2006
    Lost: a kate vid. not my fave but good n random!
    black horse and the cherry tree
  • Breathless

    by cudlitedi 04-18-2006
    Lost: a mostly happy cute wacky jate video with doodles.
1-8 of 8 Videos 1