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cj108 (sfj3)

Username: cj108
Alternate Name: sfj3
Vidder Rank: Intermediate Vidder

Bio: Im 16 from London and love LOST.

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  • Hancock Trailer

    by cj108 07-18-2008
    Lost: Hancock Tailer with a twist. Josh Holloway plays Hancock - a drunk and out guy, who must learn to become the hero he needs to be.
    Hancock Trailer
  • Desmond and Penny - Fall to Pieces

    by cj108 06-13-2008
    Lost: The greatest love story ever! Tissues are available upon request...
    Desmond and Penny - Fall to Pieces
  • Island Love

    by cj108 02-18-2008
    Lost: Music video about the dangers of having love on the island. To the great tune of 'Island Love' by 'Bare Naked Hurley'
    Island Love
  • Slide Away

    by cj108 07-03-2007
    Lost: 1st video i've ever made. was a bit of a trial and practise really, but i thnk its quite good. Clips from season 1 2 and 3. let me know wot u thnk..
    Slide Away
1-4 of 4 Videos 1