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chloooeee (Chloe, YellowButton87 (Youtube))

Username: chloooeee
Alternate Name: Chloe, YellowButton87 (Youtube)
Vidder Rank: Advanced Vidder
Other Fandoms: House, Harper's island
Email: chloe_thompson@live.co.ukLVI
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Bio: Name's Chloe and my favourite show is House (sorry guys), closely followed by Lost :D I love all stuff with action or horror or loadsa stuff going on! I can't be doing with all the gooey romantic stuff :) Although I do like my fair share :)

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  • I Need This

    by chloooeee 06-18-2011
    The Mentalist: A fan video about my favourite show, The Mentalist. Mainly focuses on characters Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon.
    I Need This
  • Juliet - Red

    by chloooeee 08-15-2009
    Lost: Basically Juliet's story on the island up until now except Ben dies in surgery. Full description on Youtube.
    Juliet - Red
  • Lost Credits

    by chloooeee 04-27-2009
    Lost: Some Lost Credits :)
    Lost Credits
  • Hometown Glory

    by chloooeee 04-14-2009
    Lost: A summary of Lost in more or less chronological order.
    Hometown Glory
  • Skate - Black Balloon

    by chloooeee 04-13-2009
    Lost: A general Sawyer/Kate video. It isn't very long because I don't have very good patience. Short but sweet ;). This is my second ever video with Sony Vegas.
    Skate - Black Balloon
1-5 of 5 Videos 1