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buffyfan145 (Amanda)

Username: buffyfan145
Alternate Name: Amanda
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Website: http://www.myspace.com/buffyfan145
Email: buffyfan145@yahoo.comLVI
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Bio: I'm a HUGE fan of Lost, and Jate!!! ;) I'm also the one who started the Jack/Claire sibling theory!!! :) I'm from Columbus, Ohio.

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  • Life on Mars - Lost Opening

    by buffyfan145 03-08-2009
    Lost: March 2009 Contest Submission. LOST credits to the UK version of the BBC & ABC sci-fi cop drama.
    Life on Mars - Lost Opening
  • By Your Side

    by buffyfan145 02-22-2009
    Lost: Season 5 Jate video showing how Jack's always by Kate's side no matter what.
    By Your Side
  • He's Just Not That Into You

    by buffyfan145 01-09-2009
    Lost: 5 women have troubles in their relationships with men.
    He's Just Not That Into You
  • The Promise

    by buffyfan145 12-26-2008
    Lost: Merry Christmas!!! My new Jate video, told from Jack's POV. Made for the Jaters Secret Santa.
    The Promise
  • The Family Man

    by buffyfan145 12-07-2008
    Lost: December 2008 contest submission. Thanks Kat for the vidpic!!!
    The Family Man
  • So Weird

    by buffyfan145 11-13-2008
    Lost: Crossover vid. Based on the old Disney series about 2 siblings encountering mysterious events after their dead father contacts them. Full discription on YT and DailyMotion.
    So Weird
  • Lost Season 5 Credits

    by buffyfan145 10-15-2008
    Lost: My version of Season 5 Credits with a few characters I'd like to see. My computer messed up some of the names, not me. LOL
    Lost Season 5 Credits
  • You and I - Jate

    by buffyfan145 10-03-2008
    Lost: You and I Choose to Believe, That You and I Will See, That We Were Ment to Be. AU Ending.
    You and I - Jate
  • Angel - Jack

    by buffyfan145 09-14-2008
    Lost: September 2008 contest submission. A Jack Character Study.
    Angel - Jack
  • Musta Got Lost

    by buffyfan145 09-10-2008
    Lost: At first this seems like any other ensemble or shipper vid, till it all goes comedically wrong. Made as a request for my Dad!!!
    Musta Got Lost
  • Invisiably Shaken

    by buffyfan145 08-15-2008
    Lost: Sawyer's not showing how Kate's leaving him has left him invisiably shaken. Just wishing that he could still be with her. My first Sawyer and Skate vid.
    Invisiably Shaken
  • Slip Slidin Away

    by buffyfan145 07-24-2008
    Lost: July 2008 Contest Submission. Charlie, Kate, and Christian lie to protect the ones the love, when they should tell the truth.
    Slip Slidin Away
  • The Constants

    by buffyfan145 06-23-2008
    Lost: All Jack and Desmond need in their lives are Kate and Penny. This shows all the similarties between Jate and Des/Pen.
    The Constants
  • Chain Keep Us Together - Oceanic 6

    by buffyfan145 06-07-2008
    Lost: The story of the Oceanic 6's rescue and post island life, and how the Island is the chain keeping them together.
    Chain Keep Us Together - Oceanic 6
  • Does Anybody Hear Her

    by buffyfan145 05-26-2008
    Lost: A slightly AU Kate video about overcoming her past so she can raise her son in the life they are destined to have.
    Does Anybody Hear Her
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