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blackwolf1480 (Serena)

Username: blackwolf1480
Alternate Name: Serena
Vidder Rank: Intermediate Vidder
Email: blackwolf1480@yahoo.comLVI
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Bio: I'm a 19 year old fangirl and in my 2nd year of college. I don't vid often due to lack of resources and time but I come here enough to comment on the amazing vids and chat with fellow fans.

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  • Aaron's cuppycakes

    by blackwolf1480 01-09-2010
    Lost: In Aaron's POV, as he expresses his love for Charlie and Claire. A tribute to the greatest family on the Island.
    Aaron's cuppycakes
  • Tribute to Charlie

    by blackwolf1480 11-02-2009
    Lost: My very overdue tribute to my favorite character. This is my first video ever using any program so please comment and enjoy!
    Tribute to Charlie
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