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Bio: i od on lost

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  • closing In

    by arlette 02-22-2007
    Lost: After being kidnapped, Kate tries to forget any feelings she may have for Jack... she knows its no use trying when they will both end up hurt... taking the easy way out she finds solace in Sawyer, but her feelings for Jack won't fade... But when Jack asks
    closing In
  • In the Dark he Holds me Close

    by arlette 06-28-2006
    Lost: Jack is jealous of Kates non-exsistent relashionship with Sawyer... He becomes angry and violent towards her... Kate was determined not to let anyone get to her until he came along and now he is the only who can break her heart time and time again... She
    In the Dark he Holds me Close
  • Her life: a miscalculated circling... a sad.... partnerless dance....
  • she cries your name.....

    by arlette 06-11-2006
    Lost: Kate has a horrible past... her entire life is tainted with unwanted memories... and when she kisses jack... just for a few seconds... she feels wanted....
    she cries your name.....
  • babe im gonna leave you

    by arlette 05-17-2006
    Lost: ana lucia and sawyer
    babe im gonna leave you
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