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  • Goodnight, Travel Well

    by applecake 08-03-2010
    Lost: The End. Mainly focusing on Jack.
    Goodnight, Travel Well
  • All Black

    by applecake 03-23-2010
    Lost: A video about Charlie's dark life.
    All Black
  • When You're Gone

    by applecake 01-05-2010
    Lost: After the Oceanic 6 escaped the island, others were left behind.
    When You're Gone
  • A Bad Dream

    by applecake 08-13-2009
    Lost: A Jate video. If the video is too confusing then you'll find a full description on YT.
    A Bad Dream
  • Take It Easy

    by applecake 08-05-2009
    Lost: After the crash Losties argue with each other and have to face some scary things. Thankfully they know that once in a while they need to relax and take things easy.
    Take It Easy
  • Keep Your Hands Off My Girl

    by applecake 05-31-2009
    Lost: A video about the girls cheating on their boyfriends. Full description on YouTube.
    Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
  • A Message

    by applecake 06-04-2008
    Lost: Another Jate video. Full description on Youtube.
    A Message
  • Cupids Chokehold

    by applecake 10-09-2007
    Lost: AU, Desmond has found himself a girlfriend who unfortunately cheats on him a lot. Never the less Desmond still wants to marry her.
    Cupids Chokehold
  • All Good Things

    by applecake 08-20-2007
    Lost: Kate is still lonely and remembers the good times gone by. She tries to get together with her ex-boyfriends but no one is interested in staying with her.
    All Good Things
  • Tainted Love

    by applecake 04-19-2007
    Lost: Just a little Jate video.
    Tainted Love
  • The Sweet Escape

    by applecake 02-27-2007
    Lost: Kate is captured by the Others.She wants Jack to save her,but Jack has no idea she is captured.Kate realizes she has been too mean to Jack and now regrets as she thinks it over.Finally she realizes that Jack aint coming to save her,she has to do it hersel
    The Sweet Escape
  • Numb

    by applecake 02-20-2007
    Lost: Kate and Jack like each other but Kate is married to Sawyer and Jack to Ana Lucia. They try to avoid each other but more they try to do it, more they are falling for each other.
  • I Love You

    by applecake 01-25-2007
    Lost: Kate and Jack had a relationship until he realised that Kate had an affair with Sawyer. Jack ended their relationship. This made Kate sad and she decided to end things with Sawyer, even though she knew there was no future for her and Jack. But there was s
    I Love You
  • My Love

    by applecake 12-12-2006
    Lost: Jack loves Kate and wants to marry with her. But does Kate love Jack too?
    My Love
  • Littlest Things

    by applecake 11-25-2006
    Lost: My third video. Kate is remembering the good old times with jack and still loves him but she doesn`t know that he feels the same way. Jate video.
    Littlest Things
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