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  • Feelin' Love

    by aohora 06-03-2009
    Lost: Completely gratuitous Jack Porn disguised as a shipper vid.
    Feelin' Love
  • kate

    by aohora 07-28-2008
    Lost: This vid asks questions about Kate: Is she cursed or pushed in some unseen way? Why is she still running when there's nothing to run from?
  • Jack: A Closer Look

    by aohora 06-20-2008
    Lost: I'm new, so I didn't focus all of my energy on interpreting the song. I wanted to use the song and vid to help interpret the show. It all works together, however, and I think it still kicks. (I recommend the HQ version on youtube.)
    Jack: A Closer Look
1-3 of 3 Videos 1