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Username: TheCorporeal
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Other Fandoms: MSCL, Moonlight, Kevin Howarth, Cillian Murphy, Joss Verse, Musicians
Website: http://thecorporeal.livejournal.com/
Email: thecorporeal@yahoo.comLVI
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Bio: LOST-nerd, chaotic icon-er, aspiring vidder, crazed writer, should-be actress, obsess-or, and, er, has no other life but fandoms? Yay!

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  • Rootless Tree (And All We've Been Through)

    by TheCorporeal 02-29-2008
    Lost: Sawyer's disease is like a rootless tree that wraps itself around him, infecting everything, and perhaps that's why Kate is saying goodbye, but if he rids himself of it, will it cost him what he has left? [Warning: Heavy angsting.]
    Rootless Tree (And All We've Been Through)
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