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SuperKC (KC)

Username: SuperKC
Alternate Name: KC
Vidder Rank: Expert Vidder
Other Fandoms: Supernatural
Website: http://everydamnthing.net

Bio: I'm KC, born in November 1980 - in ALASKA. I lived in an igloo and rode my pet moose. And I'm an eskimo. (Not really.) In real life I like to pretend to skateboard and do wild and crazy things like attend college and neglect to clean my room. What can I say? I live on the edge. I'm a vidder girl from way back - all the way back when LC and E lived in the ghetto and we had to walk on foot through dark alleys in the bad part of town just to get here. Respect, yo. Regarding ships, I'm a Jate girl, but I've come to the conclusion that I'll ship Jack with just about anybody. True story. You can find me and my trouble-making self roaming the message boards pretty frequently.

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SuperKC's Videos

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  • fumbling through the gray

    by SuperKC 10-30-2011
    Shameless (US): Shamless (US) ensemble video.
    fumbling through the gray
  • Strange & Untrue

    by SuperKC 06-02-2011
    The Vampire Diaries: an ensemble video featuring elena, katherine, bonnie, caroline, stefan, jeremy, tyler, matt, damon, vicki, rose, anna, jenna, john
    Strange & Untrue
  • swallowed

    by SuperKC 08-10-2007
    Lost: July 2007 contest submission
  • 6-Feet Under Water

    by SuperKC 06-01-2007
    Lost: Oh, Charlie!
    6-Feet Under Water
  • I Feel Fine

    by SuperKC 05-26-2007
    Lost: It's the end of the world as they know it (and they feel fine!) It's frig-ass good!
    I Feel Fine
  • The Stone

    by SuperKC 01-24-2007
    Lost: One of my very first vids. Jack and Kate are riddled with guilt and pain about their past lives but if they can forgive themselves, they may be able to find sanctuary within each other.
    The Stone
  • Monsters

    by SuperKC 01-20-2007
    Lost: At odds with one another, Jack, Kate and Sawyer share an unspoken bond. Beneath the surface, there is a monster lurking inside each of them. It is the source of their greatest strength and their greatest weakness.
  • This Place is a Prison

    by SuperKC 12-28-2006
    Lost: Chronicles the slow and steady psychological breakdown of Jack, Kate, & Sawyer during their imprisonment by the Others.
    This Place is a Prison
  • Scorned

    by SuperKC 12-17-2006
    Lost: A FanVid in two acts. Jack and Kate fall into an intoxicating relationship but when he rejects her, she seeks solace in the arms of Sawyer, which causes a domino effect that none were prepared for.
  • Freshmen: Jack/Sawyer Character Study

    by SuperKC 11-05-2006
    Lost: Chronicles Jack and Sawyer's relationships with Sarah and Cassie and the guilt they must deal with for letting them down. Some AU moments.
    Freshmen: Jack/Sawyer Character Study
  • Hurt

    by SuperKC 11-02-2005
    Lost: A character study which chronicles Charlies struggle to stop the cycle of hurting the ones closest to him.
  • Somebody Kill Me Please

    by SuperKC 09-05-2005
    Lost: A romantic little tribute to the very special relationship between Charlie and Claire.
    Somebody Kill Me Please
  • O Fortuna

    by SuperKC 08-05-2005
    Lost: August 2005 contest submission
    O Fortuna
  • Big Gay Boone 1&2

    by SuperKC 05-17-2005
    Lost: Humorous crossovers between Lost and the movie Rules of Attraction.
    Big Gay Boone 1&2
  • Times Like This

    by SuperKC 03-14-2005
    Lost: An angsty and intense examination of the relationships between Sun & Jin, Jack & Kate, and Boone & Shannon.
    Times Like This
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