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SunnyD (Lola)

Username: SunnyD
Alternate Name: Lola
Vidder Rank: Advanced Vidder
Email: SunnyD90@hotmail.com LVI
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Bio: I'm a 20 year old college student who is a wannabe writer and filmmaker. I love vidding for Lost but I would like to vid for other fandoms as well.

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  • Once: Charlie/Claire

    by SunnyD 02-27-2008
    Lost: The Charlie and Claire relationship set to the trailer of Once
    Once: Charlie/Claire
  • Prophecy

    by SunnyD 11-04-2007
    Lost: AU. What if you had a vision about someone you had never met? How would it change your life? This is what happened to Desmond Hume.
  • Closing In

    by SunnyD 08-13-2007
    Lost: AU. When Claire becomes sick, it sends Charlie down a dark and twisted path. (more)
    Closing In
  • The Office: Lost Style

    by SunnyD 02-12-2007
    Lost: A Fusing of my two favorite things: Lost and The Office
    The Office: Lost Style
  • Shot Me Down

    by SunnyD 02-05-2007
    Lost: AU. Claire and Charlie are childhood friends who eventually become lovers. Claire reflects on their rocky relationship.
    Shot Me Down
  • Simple Thing

    by SunnyD 10-06-2006
    Lost: AU. Charlie and Claire are a married couple pre-crash who have a rocky relationship. Could the crash bring them back together or keep them apart?
    Simple Thing
  • Runaway

    by SunnyD 09-27-2006
    Lost: A character analysis of Kate during Seaons 1 and 2.
  • Mary Jane

    by SunnyD 03-20-2006
    Lost: How Shannon deals with the loss of Boone and how it effects her. A character study slightly done through Sayids POV.
    Mary Jane
  • Believe in Me

    by SunnyD 02-18-2006
    Lost: A character study about Claire especially during Season 1.
    Believe in Me
  • Bother

    by SunnyD 10-08-2005
    Lost: A character study of Charlie. His inner battle and battle with heroin.
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