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  • Ha Ha You're Dead

    by Snapefan 10-21-2009
    Lost: I would love to see Ben and Locke (the real one!) team up, but I guess this is a more realistic take on the relationship between my two favourite characters (at least from Ben's point of view!)
    Ha Ha You're Dead
  • Metal Gear Lost

    by Snapefan 06-24-2009
    Lost: Well, I adore the music, and I wanted to use it for a video. But then I thought I'd do it... Metal Gear style! I guess (some of) it makes sense if you are familiar with the series, if not... I hope you enjoy the video anyway :)
    Metal Gear Lost
  • Claire: What Happened?

    by Snapefan 06-11-2009
    Lost: ...what happened to Claire? (parody!)
    Claire: What Happened?
  • A Little More Mascara

    by Snapefan 06-05-2009
    Lost: When he feels down, Richard just puts on a little more mascara and life is beautiful again!
    A Little More Mascara
1-4 of 4 Videos 1