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  • How Did I Fall in Love With PB

    by SmoothAsPB 07-05-2006
    Lost: Keep in mind I wrote this summary a LONG time ago when I first posted the vid on Youtube This vid pretty much answers why us CharlieClaire aka Peanut Butter Shippers fell in love with them and want them to be more than friends Although things for this Pe
    How Did I Fall in Love With PB
  • If Youre Not the One

    by SmoothAsPB 06-11-2006
    Lost: This video uses the beautiful and emotional song of the same name by Daniel Beddingfield It express the situation between our fav PBloving couple pre handholdage and kiss lol Most of all this vid shows the genuine feelings the two have for each other an
    If Youre Not the One
  • Beautiful PB Mess

    by SmoothAsPB 06-10-2006
    Lost: This is my second CC vid It also happens to be my personal fav of the ones Ive done I love how the clips seem to match perfectly with the lyrics especially when Charlie throws up in the printer Its classic LOL
    Beautiful PB Mess
  • You Are

    by SmoothAsPB 06-10-2006
    Lost: This is my very first CC fan video Its not much Literally Its less than a minute long lol But Im very proud of it considering Song is a sweet diddy Brian Littrell from BSB sang to his wife on thier wedding day
    You Are
1-4 of 4 Videos 1