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Skate4ever18 (Baby-SweetPea)

Username: Skate4ever18
Alternate Name: Baby-SweetPea
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Website: http://www.dailymotion.com/Baby_SweetPea
Email: Lstjohn@wideopenwest.comLVI
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Bio: Hi my name is Baby-SweetPea I'm 23 years old, a college student, and I live in Chicago. Im a huge fan of the Lost ships (Suliet, Jacket, and Jun) and so I hope who ever watch's my vids likes and enjoys them.

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  • Help Me Remember

    by Skate4ever18 06-02-2008
    Lost: Sawyer sacrifices himself to save Kate and get her off the Island. She then realizes just how much she loved him while thinking back on their times together.
    Help Me Remember
  • Yours to Hold

    by Skate4ever18 04-21-2007
    Lost: A look at how Sawyer's in love with Kate and now he's just waiting for her to see it.
    Yours to Hold
  • Crashed

    by Skate4ever18 04-21-2007
    Lost: This vid shows how Jack found Juliet even when he wasn't looking for her.
  • Land of Confusion

    by Skate4ever18 12-19-2006
    Lost: A look at what all the survivors of Flight 815 have been though since landing on the island and how they all don't truly understand what's really going on.
    Land of Confusion
  • Fate

    by Skate4ever18 11-21-2006
    Lost: A look at what Sawyer and Kate had to go though to FINALLY become a couple in season 3.
  • Out of Control

    by Skate4ever18 10-06-2006
    Lost: September 2006 contest submission.
    Out of Control
  • All About Us

    by Skate4ever18 08-30-2006
    Lost: A jealousy vid about how Jack wants Kate, Ana wants Sawyer, but all they want is each other. A collaboration with Flying02Fish.
    All About Us
  • Lost

    by Skate4ever18 07-31-2006
    Lost: A short teaser trailer about Saesons One and Two of the show.
  • What Hurts the Most

    by Skate4ever18 07-18-2006
    Lost: An AU vid. Sawyer dies after coming back from the raft and this is how Kate trys to deal with the loss.
    What Hurts the Most
  • Lost Trailer

    by Skate4ever18 07-04-2006
    Lost: A short trailer recaping both seasons one and two of the show.
    Lost Trailer
  • You Thought Wrong

    by Skate4ever18 06-14-2006
    Lost: An AU vid about how Kate and Ana feel when they learn Sawyer has been seeing both of them at the same time.
    You Thought Wrong
  • Hanging By A Moment

    by Skate4ever18 05-28-2006
    Lost: A look at how Sawyer Sayid and Charlie feel about Claire Kate and Shannon.
    Hanging By A Moment
  • If everyone cared

    by Skate4ever18 05-23-2006
    Lost: A video about the hard times and relationships the castaways have had on the island.
    If everyone cared
  • A Little Less Sixteen Candles

    by Skate4ever18 05-14-2006
    Lost: A look at how Sawyer trys to push Kate away. Yet how he really loves her without her trully knowing it.
    A Little Less Sixteen Candles
  • Forever Gone Forever You

    by Skate4ever18 04-16-2006
    Lost: How Kate feels Jack has treated her badly and how she tries to move on.
    Forever Gone Forever You
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