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Simple Enigma

Username: Simple Enigma
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Bio: Well I started here as a Charlie fan but Desmond is my new lover and Des/Penny is my OTP. 'Ello!

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  • Falling Slowly

    by Simple Enigma 04-15-2009
    Lost: This is the beginning to now (beginning of season 5) story of Des and Pen, I tried to keep it chronilogical though in the world of Lost -- time is relative.
    Falling Slowly
  • Answer

    by Simple Enigma 06-09-2008
    Lost: A Desmond/Penny video chronicling thier relationship up until the season four finale
  • Swans

    by Simple Enigma 03-06-2008
    Lost: A video about how Desmond and Penny want to be together but are seperated by fate.
  • Damaged

    by Simple Enigma 04-19-2006
    Lost: A Jack/Kate/Sawyer vid done per request - Kait POV
  • I Would Die For You

    by Simple Enigma 07-17-2005
    Lost: An ensemble vid to a great song from the Romeo and Juliet sound track
    I Would Die For You
  • Charlies First Love

    by Simple Enigma 06-19-2005
    Lost: A charlie/drug video, pretty much about his past addiction.
    Charlies First Love
1-6 of 6 Videos 1