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Shirley Parker

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  • Make this go on forever

    by Shirley Parker 10-28-2008
    Lost: Sawyer and Kate angst video.
    Make this go on forever
  • This woman's work

    by Shirley Parker 05-10-2008
    Lost: Based on Something Nice Back Home plot. Kate and Jack live a life of fake convenience, trying to forget the island (The place they were true happy), fighting their internal ghosts. But Sawyer stands on the way of their relationship. While Jack struggles w
    This woman's work
  • SK Video

    by Shirley Parker 08-21-2007
    Lost: A video with scenes from all seasons.
    SK Video
  • Gravity

    by Shirley Parker 07-10-2007
    Lost: Gravity brings them closer. July 2007 contest submission.
  • Bad

    by Shirley Parker 07-08-2007
    Lost: A Sawyer and Kate video. Song by U2.
  • Sleeping With Ghosts

    by Shirley Parker 06-27-2007
    Lost: A war starts, repercussions of Jack's decision to contact Naomi's boat. Captured by the enemy, Kate/Sawyer/Jack tries to break free. They manage to escape, but Sawyer is wounded and it's presumed dead. Now in the hands of the enemy, he watches his friends
    Sleeping With Ghosts
  • SK Promo

    by Shirley Parker 06-27-2007
    Lost: Sawyer/Kate promo from all seasons. Music by Battlestar Gallactica soundtrack.
    SK Promo
1-7 of 7 Videos 1