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Username: Shaka34
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Bio: Hey guys! I'm Emily and hail from the Midwest. I love making videos and watching sports. Tv is my downfall. Favorite show is Lost of course...and there's not enough room here to list the rest : )

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  • Hell & Back

    by Shaka34 08-26-2012
    Castle: A video about the obstacles that Beckett has had to face so far.
    Hell & Back
  • Soul

    by Shaka34 01-15-2012
    Castle: Beckett tries to work through her PTSD and her mother's case.
  • Enemy

    by Shaka34 11-27-2011
    Castle: Castle and Beckett are trying to take the next step but Beckett's wall keeps getting in the way. Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Castle nor the song used. No profit is being made from this video. Video is just for fun.
  • I Never Said

    by Shaka34 10-13-2011
    Castle: Video about Beckett dealing with her mom's case.
    I Never Said
  • Lights

    by Shaka34 09-09-2011
    Castle: Castle and Beckett can't resist the beautiful lights or each other. Avatar credit goes to MissWanderer. Disclaimer: I do not own Castle or any of its characters. I do not own the song either. No profit is being made off of this video. Video is just for fu
  • The Evolution

    by Shaka34 01-23-2010
    Lost: A video that shows Jack Shephard's evolution from a man of science to a man of faith.
    The Evolution
  • Worlds Apart

    by Shaka34 06-27-2009
    Lost: A trailer for the past 5 seasons of LOST.
    Worlds Apart
  • Run to Me

    by Shaka34 04-15-2009
    Lost: A vid showing how Jack and Kate are bound to each other
    Run to Me
  • Dreaming With A Broken Heart

    by Shaka34 11-14-2008
    Lost: Jack is dreaming about Kate after she and Sawyer escape from the Others.
    Dreaming With A Broken Heart
  • Simple Song

    by Shaka34 06-11-2008
    Lost: A fluffy little Jate vid
    Simple Song
  • Any Other Name

    by Shaka34 03-10-2008
    Lost: An emotional vid showing Jate through the seasons
    Any Other Name
  • Burying Our Dead

    by Shaka34 01-26-2008
    Lost: Shows our survivors through the first three seasons. A vid to get us ready for Season 4!!!
    Burying Our Dead
  • Save Me

    by Shaka34 12-13-2007
    Lost: Jack and Kate save each other in more ways than one.
    Save Me
  • The 9 Crimes of Jate

    by Shaka34 12-06-2007
    Lost: Jack is with Juliet and Kate is with Sawyer. Jack and Kate realize that they love each other and have an affair. Juliet and Sawyer find out and leave them. Jate lives happily ever after.
    The 9 Crimes of Jate
  • Lost Tribute

    by Shaka34 11-20-2007
    Lost: A video about the horrors that the castaways have to endure on the island. Action packed!
    Lost Tribute
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