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Username: ScottishPrincess
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Other Fandoms: Prison Break, Skins
Website: http://chelseadagger_x.livejournal.com

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  • Camera

    by ScottishPrincess 04-24-2007
    Lost: A vid mainly about Kate, but with Jate and Kate/Tom thrown in. There is clips of Effy and Spencer from the tv show Skins because I think they could look like a younger Kate/Tom. That's pretty much it. :)
  • Why Can't We Just Rewind

    by ScottishPrincess 02-22-2007
    Lost: AU. Jack and Kate are off the island, and are married. Until Kate dies in surgery after a car accident, Jack tries to cope without her.
    Why Can't We Just Rewind
1-2 of 2 Videos 1