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SarraSurvivor (Sarra or Ronan )

Username: SarraSurvivor
Alternate Name: Sarra or Ronan
Vidder Rank: Intermediate Vidder
Email: sarrasurvivor@yahoo.comLVI
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  • Miss Independent

    by SarraSurvivor 05-29-2008
    Lost: May 2008 Contest Submission.
    Miss Independent
  • Mouth Shut

    by SarraSurvivor 05-21-2008
    Lost: A vid that shows how Kate is never herself when she's around Jack, and the consequences she must live with because of that. SLR
    Mouth Shut
  • PB&J

    by SarraSurvivor 05-21-2008
    Lost: My first video! OK so, even though PB&J have had their differences they still loved each other, to the very end. Rest in peace Charlie.... SLR
1-3 of 3 Videos 1