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  • No One Cares

    by SaRa 01-31-2006
    Lost: Character Study of Kate
    No One Cares
  • Stranded

    by SaRa 09-05-2005
    Lost: A play on words about jack and kates feelings about each other
  • Never Alone

    by SaRa 09-05-2005
    Lost: Even though Boone is dead Shannon feels as though he is still with her...
    Never Alone

    by SaRa 08-09-2005
    Lost: A fitting Sawyer Vid with a lot of Skate as well
  • Crystal Clear

    by SaRa 08-01-2005
    Lost: Is Kate falling for Jack and vice versa? I think it's "crystal clear" what the answer is...
    Crystal Clear
  • Thinking Over

    by SaRa 07-31-2005
    Lost: Kate has feelings for both Jack and Sawyer--she is thinking over both of the possibilities
    Thinking Over
  • A New Day

    by SaRa 07-28-2005
    Lost: Claire's POV of Charlie and Aaron, how they have affected her life
    A New Day
  • Last Flight Out

    by SaRa 07-11-2005
    Lost: Charlie's POV of his relationship w/Claire and his feelings towards her
    Last Flight Out
1-8 of 8 Videos 1