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Username: Ringwench
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Website: http://www.ringwench.com
Email: ringwench@gmail.comLVI
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Bio: My name is Ringwench (well, my real name is Sarah--my parents aren't that weird), I'm 25, Canadian, and I'm a huge nerd. I've been vidding since about 2002. I started off in the Buffy fandom and made about 15 mediocre vids that you can see (if you're so inclined) on my website. I've also dabbled in vidding in the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fandom but I think I'm finally hitting my vidding stride with Lost and it's great to have such fascinating material to work with and such an awesome group of people who share my passion for vidding. When I'm not vidding or geeking it up online I can be found hating all of mankind at my job as a customer care rep, or hanging out with my boyfriend and my crazy dog. I'm a big LOTR fan and, I'll admit, I first tuned in to Lost because I'd heard Dom Monaghan was on it. I was really not expecting Lost to become the obsession that it has since become for me! I know it's the mark of a great show when the character my favorite actor plays is about 6 or 7 notches down on my favorite character list, and though I still love Dom, the fact that he's on the show has gone from the reason to tune in to icing on the cake! I'm quite active on the LVI boards and I can also be found spoiling myself silly on The Fuselage!

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