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Bio: I love LOST im a big fan of Charlie and Boone!

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  • Throw it away

    by Rachael14 04-14-2006
    Lost: A random vid about the troubles of the ships on the island.C/C Skate S/B/S and Jun..
    Throw it away
  • Everytime

    by Rachael14 03-17-2006
    Lost: A jate video about how Kate lets Jack down and she relises that she needs him to guide her...
  • Dont Speak

    by Rachael14 09-21-2005
    Lost: Shannon and Boone cant cope with their feelings for eachother. My 2nd lost vid!
    Dont Speak
  • Somewhere I belong

    by Rachael14 09-15-2005
    Lost: My first LOST vid about Charlie and his drugs and ending with him finding his place with Claire and Aaron...
    Somewhere I belong
1-4 of 4 Videos 1