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  • Ghost of you

    by Puddin 11-01-2006
    Lost: this is a short video that i have done. it's about Jack and his past with Sarah and that he schould had been better of if she had been dead. and i have to give my sister some cred fpr the MCR pic and i am sorry for the swedish subs.
    Ghost of you
  • live tomorrow

    by Puddin 02-24-2006
    Lost: this one i have made from a request by meandi. i relly like this one. i love the calmnes in the video.
    live tomorrow
  • tangled

    by Puddin 12-12-2005
    Lost: this is my 2nd video i have ever done and i relly like this one. the video is about the reltionship between jack and kate.
  • Where is your heart

    by Puddin 11-18-2005
    Lost: this is my first one. its about the love triangel between jack/kate/sawyer
    Where is your heart
1-4 of 4 Videos 1