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  • Hero

    by PreTTy iN PiNk 02-18-2007
    Lost: Jack is a hero...especially when it comes to Kate. All clips from seasons one and two because I did it a while back
  • What's Left of Me

    by PreTTy iN PiNk 08-22-2006
    Lost: Kate can have what's left of Jack after she hurt him so badly with Sawyer.
    What's Left of Me
  • Inner Strength

    by PreTTy iN PiNk 05-10-2006
    Lost: Just a little video I made for fun one night. Kate needs to find her inner strength in order to keep going on.
    Inner Strength
  • Moving On

    by PreTTy iN PiNk 05-09-2006
    Lost: Jack and Kate both have things in their pasts that they regret but beacause of each other theyre moving on.
    Moving On
1-4 of 4 Videos 1