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Powis97 (Neil)

Username: Powis97
Alternate Name: Neil
Vidder Rank: Advanced Vidder
Email: powis97@hotmail.comLVI
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Bio: Im a Huge fan of Lost, and im starting to like Grey's Anatomy.

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  • What if? || AU || Lost

    by Powis97 07-18-2009
    Lost: July 2009 Contest Submission. Basically, i set out for a little trailer of the characters, then i thought 'i could turn this into the LVI contest' So i made it finish on 'What happened if they didnt crash'.
    What if? || AU || Lost
  • Lost - Stolen

    by Powis97 10-23-2008
    Lost: This vid is made up of random clips but together, although i think it works quite well.
    Lost - Stolen
  • Leave Out All The Rest

    by Powis97 10-19-2008
    Lost: Jack and Kate and their issues.
    Leave Out All The Rest
  • Catch my Disease

    by Powis97 08-21-2008
    Lost: My 2nd Vegas Vid, my Brother wanted one with some cast in.
    Catch my Disease
  • Jate Wires

    by Powis97 08-21-2008
    Lost: My first Sony vegas clip so my not be as godo as all the clips on this site.
    Jate Wires
1-5 of 5 Videos 1