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  • LOST Finale - Movin' On

    by PBJNewbie 06-24-2010
    Lost: Okay, technically I cheated - I used clips from a lot more episodes than just the finale. But the whole video is about letting go and moving on, which were the main themes of the finale so I think it can be seen as a finale tribute anyway. Right? ^^'
    LOST Finale - Movin' On
  • LOST Boone & Shannon - She's Always A Woman

    by PBJNewbie 06-24-2010
    Lost: My tribute to the most dysfunctional, funny, perverse and interesting couple in Lost. I've had this idea for months but I always ended up putting it off - then my obsession for Boone came out of nowhere again and I finally decided to make it. Hope you gu
    LOST Boone & Shannon - She's Always A Woman
  • LOST Greatest Hits - A Minor Incident

    by PBJNewbie 04-05-2010
    Lost: This was supposed to be a Greatest Hits episodic video, but then I started adding more and more clips from other episodes. So I guess it's more... a Greatest Hits centric vid? I'm not sure. Anyway it focusses on Charlie's last moments and his goodbye to t
    LOST Greatest Hits - A Minor Incident
  • LOST Couples - Check Yes Juliet

    by PBJNewbie 02-02-2010
    Lost: A tribute to the couples that got us involved in the past five seasons. Couples I included: Jate, Suliet, Jun, PBJ, Shoone, Despenny, Hubby, Charladay, Rose and Bernard, Alex and Karl, Nikki and Paulo.
    LOST Couples - Check Yes Juliet
  • PB&J I Saw

    by PBJNewbie 12-14-2009
    Lost: simple tribute to my favorite Lost couple - okay, they've not been around for quite a long time but they're still in my heart! xD The song is I Saw by Matt Nathanson, from his album Beneath These Fireworks.
    PB&J I Saw
  • LOST Vertigo

    by PBJNewbie 12-14-2009
    Lost: My first Lost video! So, I fell in love with both Lost and U2 music a couple of months ago and when I listened to Vertigo I thought I HAD to make a Lost video set to it. I tried to include all the original main characters plus Ben, Desmond and Juliet, and
    LOST Vertigo
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