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Natz (Natalie)

Username: Natz
Alternate Name: Natalie
Vidder Rank: Intermediate Vidder

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  • What Have You Done?

    by Natz 06-22-2008
    Lost: Kate and Sawyer are together before the crash. Kate secretly wants a family but sawyer does not. One day she thinks she may be pregnant but it turns out negative. On the island kate sees claire and aaron together and gets jealous...
    What Have You Done?
  • Mr Brightside

    by Natz 05-10-2008
    Lost: Charlie and Kate are in a relationship until Kate starts having an affair with Sawyer. Charlie starts getting suspicious and eventually Kate comes clean. But what Kate doesn't know is that Charlie has moved on. Thanks to jemma for her help.
    Mr Brightside
  • Jack is Blue

    by Natz 03-04-2008
    Lost: Jack is feeling low
    Jack is Blue
1-3 of 3 Videos 1