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  • Ana Lucia's Voyage

    by MoreLight 01-26-2006
    Lost: The chronicles of Ana Lucia could be an alternate title as this video gives a glimpse of the trials and tribulations of the former LAPD officer. Thanks to LAURA4LAD for the song idea.
    Ana Lucia's Voyage
  • Mr. Eko's Rumble

    by MoreLight 11-28-2005
    Lost: Mr. Eko was just trying to help whoever he could after the crash when the others decided to try and kidnap him. Big mistake. Now he is ready to rumble!
    Mr. Eko's Rumble
  • Shannon's Perfect Day

    by MoreLight 03-02-2005
    Lost: Getting bumped out of first class was the beginning of the perfect day for Shannon and her brother Boone. Despite the wreckage Shannon was even able to locate her cosmetic case with her nail polish. Excellent!
    Shannon's Perfect Day
1-3 of 3 Videos 1