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Username: MissCalippo
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Website: http://melanierichardson.web-log.nl/
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Bio: Hi, I'm Melanie, I'm almost 15 yrs old, I'm Half Australian, Half Belgian but currently living in Belgium.. I have been making videos for a couple of years now, but found my way to LostVideo in september '06.. My fav ship is 'course JATE!! Though I have made a few Skate & ensemble vids too .. LOST rocks dude

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  • Wild Horses

    by MissCalippo 07-03-2007
    Lost: Kate is in Love with jack but she has trouble committing herself to one man she wishes she could be free, so she doesn't let herself love Jack fully.
    Wild Horses
  • What If

    by MissCalippo 06-20-2007
    Lost: kates pov kate wishes she had never let go of jack
    What If
  • 9 Crimes

    by MissCalippo 01-29-2007
    Lost: Jate S3
    9 Crimes
  • eXecute

    by MissCalippo 01-06-2007
    Lost: the button.. and all the life savers.. My 2nd ensemble vid.
  • Hide And Seek

    by MissCalippo 01-01-2007
    Lost: the losties have always played hide and seek with the others. But they were there first.. An ensemble vid, but I must say there is a lot of jate involved.
    Hide And Seek
  • Jate doesn't know about Skate

    by MissCalippo 12-11-2006
    Lost: My first Skate related lost vid ..
    Jate doesn't know about Skate
  • Spies

    by MissCalippo 12-07-2006
    Lost: Kate used to be one of the others, but the other survivors, and mainly jack, who had fallen in love with her, think she's just a spy. She left the others and so they might be coming back for her. The group therefor think it's best they don't get involve
  • Flying

    by MissCalippo 12-05-2006
    Lost: Just a light, funny vid about jack and kate.
  • she doesn't laugh anymore

    by MissCalippo 12-03-2006
    Lost: a complicated lovestory of Jack and Kate.
    she doesn't laugh anymore
  • See Me Here

    by MissCalippo 12-03-2006
    Lost: Kate loves jack, but will he love her back ?
    See Me Here
  • OverMyHead

    by MissCalippo 11-26-2006
    Lost: My Very First 'Jate' vid.
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