Mims_and_Jay (MimsandJay)

Username: Mims_and_Jay
Alternate Name: MimsandJay
Vidder Rank: Novice Vidder
Website: www.freewebs.com/ivelostmypeanutbutter

Bio: Umm... We are two random people who decided to make videos! Enjoy!

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  • Mug of Beer

    by Mims_and_Jay 10-28-2005
    Lost: Short but sweet! A little vid about alcohol.
    Mug of Beer
  • One of Us

    by Mims_and_Jay 10-27-2005
    Lost: Charlie will never be one of them... no matter how hard he tries.
    One of Us
  • My Mistake

    by Mims_and_Jay 10-26-2005
    Lost: AU Kate/Liam vid! Kate is a plain clothes policewoman who falls for Liam a young rocker. Passion follows but when Kate is kidnapped what will Liam do? And what was Kate's mistake?
    My Mistake
  • We Are

    by Mims_and_Jay 09-23-2005
    Lost: A general vid about lost. This ones for you Zoe.
    We Are
  • Walts Journey

    by Mims_and_Jay 09-04-2005
    Lost: Walt has come along way since first meeting Micheal...
    Walts Journey
  • Ill Be Ok

    by Mims_and_Jay 09-02-2005
    Lost: Charlie gets into lots of scrapes... But hes always fine in the end!
    Ill Be Ok
1-6 of 6 Videos 1