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Username: Michelina
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Bio: Hi there! My name is Michelina. I am a fourteen -year old Canadian who is absolutely obsessed with Lost as I am sure the rest of you are. :P I have been privately vidding for other fandoms as well as this one for a while now and stumbled across this site a few months ago. I thought it was amazing and I still do admire the work that goes into LVI and hope I can be a part of it.

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  • I'm Still Here

    by Michelina 10-30-2006
    Lost: A character-study on Charlie Pace, focusing on his need to feel accepted and for people to stop underestimating him.
    I'm Still Here
  • Before the Dawn

    by Michelina 10-16-2006
    Lost: Jack/Juliet. Chronicling the forbidden relationship between hostage and captor. Slightly AU.
    Before the Dawn
  • Lips of an Angel

    by Michelina 07-20-2006
    Lost: AU and angsty Charlie/Claire. A pre-crash story about a forbidden relationship.
    Lips of an Angel
  • You're Still Here - Everything

    by Michelina 06-20-2006
    Lost: An overview of the Charlie/Claire relationship thus far.
    You're Still Here - Everything
  • Brand New Day

    by Michelina 05-27-2006
    Lost: Each brand new day is a chance at salvation and redemption never tasted so sweet. Charlie/Claire video.
    Brand New Day
  • Saving Me

    by Michelina 04-29-2006
    Lost: AU: Charlie and Claire were a couple pre-island life. At that time Claire tried to support Charlie during his battle with drugs. But now on the island Claire believes that it is Charlies chance to redeem himself. Charlie constantly tests his fate - especi
    Saving Me
  • Never Alone

    by Michelina 04-22-2006
    Lost: He is always there and Claire knows it. Charlie/Claire from Claires POV.
    Never Alone
  • Miracle

    by Michelina 04-15-2006
    Lost: A study on Claire -distressed at the prospect of being a single mother - seen through Charlies eyes.
  • Incomplete

    by Michelina 04-15-2006
    Lost: Pretending that they never met becomes more difficult everyday./ Charlie-Claire Centric
  • Only Hope

    by Michelina 03-24-2006
    Lost: Maybe thats what this is. Maybe this is his only hope at redemption.
    Only Hope
  • So Far Down

    by Michelina 02-01-2006
    Lost: Claire and Charlie each realize that while the other is gone - so is their sun.
    So Far Down
  • Fire and Water

    by Michelina 01-28-2006
    Lost: A fast-paced overview of Season Two-Episode 12: Fire and Water.
    Fire and Water
  • Youre a God

    by Michelina 01-15-2006
    Lost: Charlie struggles with letting Claire go.
    Youre a God
  • All or Nothing

    by Michelina 12-28-2005
    Lost: Charlie and Claire explore their feelings for each other as well as their relationship status. Is it all or is there more to their friendship?
    All or Nothing
1-14 of 14 Videos 1