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Bio: im just a girl from the netherlands

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  • Water and a flame

    by Manon 10-15-2009
    Lost: Sawyer and Kate should be together and they both know it. Where are all the skaters out here? I miss skate!
    Water and a flame
  • Don't worry be happy

    by Manon 10-04-2009
    Lost: I was too late for the contest, but it's a episode vid. 3x10 because it was such a happy episode. Enjoy! Comments are appreciated ;)
    Don't worry be happy
  • Lost finale

    by Manon 05-22-2009
    Lost: recap last episode lost 'The incident'...hope you like it! :)
    Lost finale
  • Ring Ring

    by Manon 03-06-2009
    Lost: AU Jack & Kate were married and now he's stalking her. In the end Kate is driving while he calls her, something that doesn't end well....
    Ring Ring
  • lost trailer

    by Manon 08-04-2008
    Lost: short vid/trailer for lost season 5...hope you guys like it :)
    lost trailer
  • Close your eyes

    by Manon 05-14-2008
    Lost: For all you skate-people out there!! :P Kate has left the island with Jack but Sawyer is still there and she misses him like crazy. Then Jack receives some news from the island about Sawyer (Badddd news..) anyway, Kate still closes her eyes and thinks abo
    Close your eyes
  • Save me from myself

    by Manon 01-25-2008
    Lost: My first jate-vid! (I'm a big skater you know) anyway; Jack is gonna save Kate from herself...
    Save me from myself
  • Kate & Desmond

    by Manon 09-19-2007
    Lost: Kate is with Jack but she finds Desmond and they fall in love etc Desmond does not trust Jack but Kate obviously does so that makes Desmiond a little angry..etc etc =p
    Kate & Desmond
  • lost trailer

    by Manon 08-12-2007
    Lost: some sort of trailer...just watch it ;-)
    lost trailer
  • please don't stop the music

    by Manon 08-12-2007
    Lost: lost jate skate video
    please don't stop the music
  • Supermassive black hole

    by Manon 05-27-2007
    Lost: Sawyer...his ups and downs and him graving for Kate
    Supermassive black hole
  • Accidentally in love

    by Manon 05-27-2007
    Lost: Sawyer and Kate are accidentally in love
    Accidentally in love
  • Jate or Skate?

    by Manon 04-11-2007
    Lost: what's it gonna be?...check it out =)
    Jate or Skate?
  • Sometimes

    by Manon 02-15-2007
    Lost: Kate is with Jack, but she has doubts about their relationship.
  • Don't Stop Me Now

    by Manon 02-11-2007
    Lost: It doesn't have a story behind it, this video just includes lots of scenes with Sawyer and also a couple with Kate in them.
    Don't Stop Me Now
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