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Username: Mandi
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Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/Mandi1630
Email: mandi1630@yahoo.comLVI
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Bio: I've been vidding for almost 8 years now. Started with Buffy/Angel, now I vid Buffy/Angel, Lost, Skins, The Vampire Diaries, Misfits, and most recently Supernatural.

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  • Between Two Points

    by Mandi 09-27-2011
    Supernatural: An episodic video focusing on 7x01. Mostly focusing on Castiel, obviously.Spoilers for 7x01!
    Between Two Points
  • Leave the Past Behind

    by Mandi 09-10-2011
    Supernatural: Its mostly every season finale, the boys have something terrible happen, and they just wish they could leave it all behind, rewind time, and be done with it all.
    Leave the Past Behind
  • Moves Like Jagger

    by Mandi 09-04-2011
    Supernatural: Just a fun Supernatural video with funny clips from the gag reels. (may have a few bad words but if you've seen the show/gag reels, it's fine.)
    Moves Like Jagger
  • Today, we escape...

    by Mandi 08-24-2011
    Supernatural: this is semi-AU... basically, Cas consistently gives up everything for Dean, but Dean is selfish and refuses to give up anything for Cas. Their friendship/relationship (whatever you see it as) is completely one-sided. In the end, Cas decides it's his turn
    Today, we escape...
  • Redemption

    by Mandi 02-06-2010
    Lost: A bittersweet look at Jack and Kates relationship... and starting over.
  • Afraid- A Kuliet Video

    by Mandi 02-13-2009
    Lost: Juliet and Kate fall in love after being captured-- long description on YT
    Afraid-  A Kuliet Video
  • Never Say Never

    by Mandi 02-03-2009
    Lost: The Oceanic 6 start off together as friends and end up alone with their enemies.
    Never Say Never
  • Save Him

    by Mandi 11-07-2008
    Lost: AU. Kate becomes the abused wife she never wanted to be. Sawyer becomes the abusive husband and father, like his father before him, that he never wanted to be.
    Save Him
  • Meet Me in the Red Room

    by Mandi 11-02-2008
    Lost: Short video about Kate being a prostitute. AU obviously.
    Meet Me in the Red Room
  • All I Want is Now

    by Mandi 10-27-2008
    Lost: All Jack wants is to go back to how things were when he was with Kate. Loving Kate is what made him a good man.
    All I Want is Now
  • Beautiful

    by Mandi 09-21-2008
    Lost: Kate knows she has a way with men and uses it to her advantage, but in the end, she'll always be alone.
  • One More Night

    by Mandi 09-15-2008
    Lost: Sawyer and Kate just want one more night before they get off the island and inevitably break eachothers hearts.
    One More Night
  • Unhappy Ending

    by Mandi 08-21-2008
    Lost: Everything Kate does in her life reminds her of her life on the island with Sawyer.
    Unhappy Ending
  • Only When I Lose Myself

    by Mandi 02-02-2007
    Lost: Kate tends to lose herself in the men she loves, but will Sawyer finally allow her to find peace within herself?
    Only When I Lose Myself
  • Heaven on Earth

    by Mandi 11-16-2006
    Lost: Kate finds Sawyer cheating on her and when she starts a new relationship with Jack after landing on the island, she's reminded of her past with Sawyer.
    Heaven on Earth
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