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MPJ (hurleybirdprod, mrspeterpetrelli)

Username: MPJ
Alternate Name: hurleybirdprod, mrspeterpetrelli
Vidder Rank: Expert Vidder
Other Fandoms: Glee, Vampire Diaries, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, Psych, Chuck, Heroes, Misfits, Fringe
Email: mpjl03@gmail.comLVI
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Bio: Hi, I'm MPJ and I love making videos and reading fan fiction, especially for my favorite fandom, LOST! Lost is my absolute favorite TV show and I love being able to watch and create fanvids on this site geared just toward other Lost fans like myself. My favorite characters on Lost are Jack, Ben, Jacob and Daniel. But I also really like Charlie, Hurley, Sawyer, Desmond, Sun and Juliet. My favorite Lost ships are Jate, PB&J, Suliet, Charladay, Jun, Hubby, and Despenny. I also have a bit of an obsession with the Jack and Claire sibling relationship. Just love the whole Shephard clan. :) As for my other fandoms I'm a huge fan of Chuck/Sarah (Chuck), Shawn/Juliet (Psych), any combo of Peter/Walter/Olivia on Fringe, Rory/Jess, Luke Lorelai (Gilmore Girls) and Tyler/Caroline, Damon/Elena (TVD)

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