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LostFate25 (TheOneCaress)

Username: LostFate25
Alternate Name: TheOneCaress
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Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOneCaress
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  • LOST of the DEAD

    by LostFate25 10-19-2009
    Lost: October 2009 contest 3rd place winner! See youtube for description! This is an AU. After an attempt to move the island, Ben actually releases Zombies out onto the world...including the island!
    LOST of the DEAD
  • The Moth

    by LostFate25 09-30-2009
    Lost: LVI September '09 contest submission. The Moth Episodic.
    The Moth
  • Picture Perfect Jack

    by LostFate25 09-09-2009
    Lost: A character study on Jack Shephard. His loves, his losses, his life.
    Picture Perfect Jack
  • The Lost Realist

    by LostFate25 11-05-2005
    Lost: They say everything happens for a reason this video shows why Charlie finds that hard to believe.
    The Lost Realist
  • Take Me Out

    by LostFate25 06-25-2005
    Lost: A Vid w/a little humor and action mixed together to an eerily relatable song...
    Take Me Out
  • Hole In My Head

    by LostFate25 06-18-2005
    Lost: A fun, but angsty, Kate Vid as everyone's fave escape artist!
    Hole In My Head
  • Sunrise

    by LostFate25 06-16-2005
    Lost: Looking like LOST was the first film ever recorded on, the black and white imagery gives this video a classic look.
  • Heroes

    by LostFate25 06-13-2005
    Lost: Our heroes Jack and Locke are always there to save the day. This is my tribute to them.
  • I Can't Breathe

    by LostFate25 06-08-2005
    Lost: Charlie's painful memories and drug addiction put to an equally addicting song. Filled with flashbacks of all that he blames his drug addiction on and his new challenges on the island. Of course it has to briefly feature his one light at the end of the t
    I Can't Breathe
1-9 of 9 Videos 1