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Username: LostFanForeverAshley
Alternate Name: Ashley
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Bio: I am Ashley, a huge LOST fan! Fell in love with the show just after the first episode, its amazing! Im 20, i live in WV!

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  • Lost Techno

    by LostFanForeverAshley 04-27-2006
    Lost: a Lost video to techno music
    Lost Techno
  • LOST

    by LostFanForeverAshley 01-22-2006
    Lost: A short awesome video that deals with all characters
  • Love and Destiny

    by LostFanForeverAshley 01-22-2006
    Lost: Charlie fears he has no day but today to show his feelings to Claire
    Love and Destiny
  • When You Say You Love Me

    by LostFanForeverAshley 08-06-2005
    Lost: A beautiful Charlie and Claire video of mine that describes Charlie's love for Claire and the effects that come over him when shes around
    When You Say You Love Me
  • My Immortal Lost UK Promo

    by LostFanForeverAshley 07-23-2005
    Lost: A short video of the UK promo with the song "My Immortal", it turned out beautifully!!
    My Immortal Lost UK Promo
  • "Uninvited"

    by LostFanForeverAshley 07-03-2005
    Lost: A charlie and claire video that focuses on their friendship and relationship
  • "Hungry Eyes"

    by LostFanForeverAshley 06-22-2005
    Lost: This is a Charlie/Claire video, it explains Charlie's thoughts about Claire, alot of his point of view and at times, Claire's point of view, its a really cute video!
  • Everything I Do, I do it for you

    by LostFanForeverAshley 06-19-2005
    Lost: A Jack and Kate video that describes Jack and Kate's relationship together, and shows that Jack will do anything for her
    Everything I Do, I do it for you
  • Lost Survivor Video

    by LostFanForeverAshley 06-15-2005
    Lost: This is a video I made with fast music, as sort of like if Lost had a trailer for the show, this is what it would be like, focuses on all events of the show and characters. The music is not the best quality but its the best i could get it, so u may want
    Lost Survivor Video
  • "Surely As The Sun"

    by LostFanForeverAshley 06-09-2005
    Lost: A great Charlie and Claire video that shows their friendship, and Charlie wonders what Claire sees in him and he wants to share everything he has with her (ignore the little click sounds at the beginning/was trying to record song and surf net at the same
  • Come What May

    by LostFanForeverAshley 06-07-2005
    Lost: Charlie and Claire video that shows both Charlie and Claire's point of views of one another, and their friendship and feelings towards one another.
    Come What May
  • "A Heartbreaking Moment"

    by LostFanForeverAshley 06-05-2005
    Lost: Charlie looking back at the moment where he almost lost his life, its a great video that focuses on Charlie's hanging/death/revival with great music that captures the emotion
  • Obsession

    by LostFanForeverAshley 06-04-2005
    Lost: Another video about the closeness between Charlie and Claire. Charlies obsession with Claire, and questioning himself if she is a illusion that he has in his heart
  • One Sweet Day

    by LostFanForeverAshley 05-25-2005
    Lost: Deals with Charlie and Claire's friendship and their feelings towards one another, and consquences of the island (Boone, Pilot, Steve deaths)
    One Sweet Day
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