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LordXwee (Becca)

Username: LordXwee
Alternate Name: Becca
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Bio: Hello, I am Xwee. You can call me Becca if you'd like. I write LOST and House fanfiction, *slightly* stalk Jeremy Davies, and love muffins. I support Skate and Bennet. Charlotte should get away from Dan because she is evil and Dan is so cuddly plus already has millions of fangirls.

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  • Hurt Again

    by LordXwee 07-31-2008
    Lost: AU. Ben is Juliet's abusive boyfriend. People know she's in pain, but don't understand why Juliet stays with him. She takes some action and everyone sees she regrets it. Gray=memory.
    Hurt Again
  • Coming Home

    by LordXwee 06-14-2008
    Lost: June 2008 contest submission. Jack learns from Ben how he has to go home.
    Coming Home
  • An Epic Tale of Bocke

    by LordXwee 06-02-2008
    Lost: It's what the title says. :D
    An Epic Tale of Bocke
  • I'm Your Villain

    by LordXwee 05-02-2008
    Lost: Everything is going alright in the Ben/Juliet relationship, until a fight ruins it and she leaves.
    I'm Your Villain
  • No More Sorrow

    by LordXwee 01-24-2008
    Lost: After Ben lied to Mikhail, Mikhail could no longer trust him. So he turns to Locke for a leader.
    No More Sorrow
  • Lost: Season 4 Fan-Made Trailer

    by LordXwee 12-29-2007
    Lost: My first video, a short trailer with a bit of suspense for Season 4.
    Lost: Season 4 Fan-Made Trailer
1-6 of 6 Videos 1