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Locke_333 (Locke333)

Username: Locke_333
Alternate Name: Locke333
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Email: campbellsoop@comcast.netLVI
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Bio: I starting making videos between the LOST Season 4 and Season 5 hiatus. At first I only did songs by The Killers focusing on one of the characters, but I'm just now starting to branch off into areas where I'm not as comfortable, such as other music and multi-centric videos. they aren't the best quality; I use clips from the internet, and Windows Movie Maker, but I hope you enjoy my work.

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  • Jack and Locke - Gives You Hell

    by Locke_333 05-20-2009
    Lost: This song is Gives You Hell by The All American Rejects, and its about the never-ending battle for control between Locke and Jack. Well, I have made only character centric videos up until now, partly because they are easier, and the other part because the
    Jack and Locke - Gives You Hell
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