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LanaLuthor (Kendriah or Kate)

Username: LanaLuthor
Alternate Name: Kendriah or Kate
Vidder Rank: Advanced Vidder
Other Fandoms: Greys Anatomy, Heroes, House MD, SMallville, The Mentalist
Email: kendriahp@hotmail.comLVI
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Bio: I LOVE Lost!I've been vidding for over 4 years, and for the last 2 I have been using sony vegas, and I adore it! Summer is really the only time I have to vid, so I'm vidding as much as possible before September! I love receiving advice on vidding, as well as giving it! If you ever want to discuss lost, or vidding, feel free to msg me.

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  • Suliet/ Skate/ Jacket: Boston

    by LanaLuthor 07-20-2009
    Lost: The Beginning: Sawyer and Juliet reflect on the past three years of their lives together. The Middle: Jack's bomb works and time is reset. To Juliet's dismay, Sawyer finds her, and they have lunch, little does he know that Juliet remembers everything. Saw
    Suliet/ Skate/ Jacket: Boston
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