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  • I hate that i love you

    by LOSTinTHEuk 11-02-2007
    Lost: well goes on the more physical side of skate, still getting the hang of vid so please b nice and reply
    I hate that i love you
  • Still there for me

    by LOSTinTHEuk 10-16-2007
    Lost: a collectin of clips so its ment to be like them singing, high school musical kinda infulence
    Still there for me
  • My Happy Ending

    by LOSTinTHEuk 04-24-2007
    Lost: AUish, after the kiss jack and kate become a couple then cheats on her when captured by the others,kate then recalls gd memorys are grey good are sepia
    My Happy Ending
1-3 of 3 Videos 1