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KiraMarie (Kira)

Username: KiraMarie
Alternate Name: Kira
Vidder Rank: Novice Vidder
Email: buttonupthenbreakaway@yahoo.comLVI
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Bio: I'm 19 years old. I live in KC missouri USA. I go to school full time and work and still find time to do this stuff all the time. I love vidding. I especially like watching them. I'm a skater, sorta a Daire fan, a lover of all the Others, and a huge supporter of Polarbear rights...lol...GO POLARBEARS! haha

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  • Sawyer Funnys

    by KiraMarie 05-27-2007
    Lost: Sawyer's greatest hits...
    Sawyer Funnys
  • Writing Your Tragedy

    by KiraMarie 05-09-2007
    Lost: March 2007 contest submission. An entry in the contest, though I'm not sure it exactly fits. Shows how Desmond has to give up the things he loves and overcome his fears and Mr. Widmore's words to become the man he is supposed to be.
    Writing Your Tragedy
  • Gravedigger

    by KiraMarie 05-02-2007
    Lost: The darker side of the island. Deaths and near deaths.
  • Silence in Black and White

    by KiraMarie 04-26-2007
    Lost: Sawyer wants Kate, but there is something in the way: Jack. See how far he'll go to get her.
    Silence in Black and White
  • Crash Into Me

    by KiraMarie 04-15-2007
    Lost: Kate and Sawyer's relationship over the years (or months in Lost time). Explores the sadness too.
    Crash Into Me
  • Come On Baby

    by KiraMarie 04-14-2007
    Lost: Skate, Jacket, Daire equals LOVE!
    Come On Baby
  • Why Can't I?

    by KiraMarie 04-14-2007
    Lost: Not my best, but a fun little happy vid. Skate-tastic!
    Why Can't I?
  • Hide and Seek

    by KiraMarie 04-09-2007
    Lost: A Season 3 dedication from Tale of Two Cities to Tricia Tanaka is Dead.
    Hide and Seek
1-8 of 8 Videos 1