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  • When the Sun Goes Down

    by Kate-a-kate-a 07-15-2006
    Lost: Jack is fascinated by the dark sides of Kate and Sawyer.
    When the Sun Goes Down
  • Part of that World

    by Kate-a-kate-a 07-06-2006
    Lost: June 2006 contest submission
    Part of that World
  • Dont Leave Again

    by Kate-a-kate-a 06-18-2006
    Lost: When Sawyer left on the raft he and Kate missed each other desperately. Now he is back but still they cannot seem to be able to hold on to one another.
    Dont Leave Again
  • Run

    by Kate-a-kate-a 06-16-2006
    Lost: Kate and Sawyer have dark pasts. They have spent their lives alone - running from things they have done. Perhaps now it is time to stop running.
  • Name

    by Kate-a-kate-a 03-06-2006
    Lost: AU. The raft plan succeeded. Kate escapes the authorities and Sawyer joins her on the run.
  • Hey There Delilah

    by Kate-a-kate-a 02-28-2006
    Lost: AU Post-island. The island will forever be imprinted on the minds of the survivors. But after being rescued it is one another they cant forget.
    Hey There Delilah
  • Survivors

    by Kate-a-kate-a 02-23-2006
    Lost: Movie trailer. Kate and Sawyer must deal with their own demons in order to be together.
  • Thank You

    by Kate-a-kate-a 02-20-2006
    Lost: Claire writes a letter to Aaron in her diary for him to read when he is older. Claire/Charlie
    Thank You
  • Putting Out Fire

    by Kate-a-kate-a 02-15-2006
    Lost: When Sawyer and Kate lock eyes it is like putting out fire with gasoline.
    Putting Out Fire
  • In Blue

    by Kate-a-kate-a 02-15-2006
    Lost: Sawyer wants to be with Kate. He is jealous of her relationship with Jack but knows they can work - even as a secret.
    In Blue
  • Hit That

    by Kate-a-kate-a 02-01-2006
    Lost: Lost fans are obsessed with shipping but they arent the only ones...
    Hit That
  • Going Under

    by Kate-a-kate-a 01-27-2006
    Lost: Kate faces her demons and chooses between Jack and Sawyer.
    Going Under
  • Sonnet

    by Kate-a-kate-a 01-22-2006
    Lost: A Sawyer/Kate video incorporating William Shakespeares Sonnet 23
  • I Never - A Skate Movie Trailer

    by Kate-a-kate-a 01-20-2006
    Lost: Trailer for the movie I Never starring Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway.
    I Never - A Skate Movie Trailer
  • Underneath it All

    by Kate-a-kate-a 01-09-2006
    Lost: Kate reflects on her feelings for Sawyer...is she delusional? You decide!
    Underneath it All
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